Illinois Family Invents Brilliant Way To Safely Hug Great-Grandma

by Amy Paige
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People are really missing the ability to physically embrace their loved ones during the pandemic. It can be particularly heartbreaking for grandparents who are unable to hug their grandkids, and vice versa.

85-year-old Rose Gagnon desperately wanted to hug her great-grandkids. The separation became so difficult because she normally sees them every day. “My heart felt like it was going to burst,” Rose told WIFR.

So Rose’s great-granddaughter Carly created a brilliant device.

It’s called the “Hug Time Station,” and she set it up in her front yard in Rockford, Illinois, using PVC pipes, plastic, and duct tape.

The station allows the kids to hug Rose by sticking their arms through the plastic’s disposable gloves.

This way, no germs are shared and social distancing rules are maintained — but physical embrace is possible!

Carly’s mom posted a series of photos of the Hug Time Station, along with directions on how other people can make them for their own families. The Hug Time Station is now going viral, spreading happiness and craftiness across the world.

See the adorable and brilliant idea in the clip below.

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