Parents Credit Family Hound For Thwarting The Possible Kidnapping Of Their 3 Daughters

by Amy Paige
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Thom Lambert of Pennsylvania noticed his 4-year-old rescue hound mix, Edgar, was acting in a peculiar way.

Meanwhile, his three young daughters — ages 3, 6, and 8 — were asleep upstairs.

Thom, who lives in Pennsylvania with his family, said Edgar was making some unusual sounds that he’d never heard before. He describes it as a “growl howl,” almost like two different sounds at the same time.

“It was obvious he was really upset and as soon as I got him to quit barking, I heard sounds of someone going down the stairs,” Thom told CBS Local.

The concerned father called 911, but when cops arrived, they found no obvious signs of an intruder.

Days later, Thom and his wife realized that Edgar could have just rescued their children from a potential nightmare.

A 20-year-old local man had made a horrifying confession to police. The man had been arrested for reportedly abducting a 4-year-old girl who lived on the Lamberts’ street, and he said he’d been breaking into multiple homes throughout the neighborhood…

“Without Edgar, genuinely who knows where our daughters would be right now,” Thom said. “Our family was 100 percent rescued by our dog that we rescued.”

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