Steve Harvey Loses It When ‘Family Feud’ Player Says He Has Same First, Middle, And Last Name

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Every episode of Family Feud includes a moment where host Steve Harvey gets to chat with the guests.

Since most contestants are families, he’ll joke around with Mom and Dad about their kids, then always finds a way to make everyone laugh.

But in this video posted on February 22, 2017, it was the Family Feud players who gave Steve a reason to laugh!

When talking to the Obu family, he immediately takes interest in the first son’s name, Olu. But when he gets to the next son, he realizes something is up with his name.

He’s called Obu, meaning that his name is Obu Obu! But then his sister tells Steve to ask him what his middle name is!

Sure enough, Obu’s dad loved the name so much, he gave him the middle name Obu. So, his name is Obu Obu Obu! He even proves that it’s really his legal name by pulling out his ID card.

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