Steve Apologizes To Jennie Garth After Her Teen Daughter Buzzes In With Surprisingly Racy Answer

by Jess Catcher
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When Jennie Garth cheered her daughter on as the teen buzzed in with an answer on Family Feud, the 90210 actress clearly wasn’t expecting to hear what came out of the 14-year-old’s mouth.

Even Steve Harvey was at a loss for words when Lola says just one word that sends everyone into laughter. Well, everyone but him and Jennie, that is — even Jennie’s husband, Dave, couldn’t help but chuckle at his step-daughter’s surprising response.

The show is no stranger to hearing some seriously bizarre answers. There have even been plenty of times when things got less PG, like the moment Steve was too embarrassed to ask a grandmother to answer what she thought was the “sexiest thing a woman can own.”

But his prompt during this episode was completely innocent:

“We asked 100 women: name something you’d love Steve Harvey to teach your man how to do better.”

Lola managed to get to the buzzer before her opponent, the grandpa of former Disney star Kyle Massey. Then, she let out a few giggles as she said the first thing that popped into her head.

I don’t want to spoil the hilarious moment for you, but I’m glad Jennie was able to eventually find the humor in the silly response, too.

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