Steve Cracks Up When Overconfident ‘Family Feud’ Player Yells Answer That’s Already On The Board

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Contestants on Family Feud are usually embarrassed by their silly answers, but one player named J.E. was bashful for a whole other reason that Steve Harvey couldn’t help but poke fun at!

Steve went up to J.E. and asked him to “name something people complain is clingy.”

The player immediately knew he had a great answer and told the host “your children.”

While the Family Feud host called it a “great answer,” he wasn’t as enthused as usual.

In the video below, the camera zooms out showing the board with “people/kid/mate” as the top answer — whoops!

J.E. still doesn’t understand that his answer is already on the board and he begins to think Steve is just dragging it out.

“You know everyone in here is in on this one,” Steve says to the player. “Is it up there?”

The dad raises his arms hoping to hear the ding of a correct answer, then the family member next to him says “J.E. look at the board!”

Finally, almost a full minute later, the Family Feud contestant realizes his huge mistake and gasps! At this point, Steve can’t help but to wildly gesture and mock J.E.’s excitement to see the answer pop up on the board.

Thankfully, the host gives him one more shot to answer the question, but unfortunately, he gets a strike!

Would you be embarrassed if this happened to you?

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