Family Credits Rescue Pit Bull For Saving Teen Daughter From Possible Attacker

by Amy Paige
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Sadie Peterson was walking McKenzie, a 4-year-old blue pit bull, around her Missouri block one evening.

Suddenly, McKenzie let out a concerning bark and growl Sadie had never heard before.

The rescue pup is normally happy, loving, and friendly to everyone. She was never taught to be an aggressive guard dog — but on this particular night, she revealed a completely different side to her typically warm and welcoming personality.

Though McKenzie is a family dog, she really belongs to Sadie’s 13-year-old daughter, Maggie. The teen and her loyal pit bull spend nearly every waking moment together, side by side like two best friends.

While Sadie finished up her walk with McKenzie, Maggie waited for their return outside in the backyard. That’s when Sadie heard the dog making those strange sounds.

When Sadie came around the corner and entered her backyard, she realized McKenzie was in “full attack mode,” something she’d never seen before.

Within seconds, Sadie saw McKenzie standing directly in between her daughter, Maggie, and a man she didn’t recognize …

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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