Family Court Supervisor Fired After He’s Caught Lashing Out Against ‘Black Lives Matter’

by June Rivers
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Philadelphia citizens in support of the Black Lives Matter movement recently held a peaceful and kid-friendly demonstration.

Protesters hung a few posters along the fence of Columbus Square park.

These colorful signs (most of them clearly made by children) called for peace and equality.

In the video below, an unidentified woman came upon a man angrily ripping down the signs.

She reminded him that the park was not his property. “Yeah, I know, it’s the city,” he responded. “I pay for this … my taxes pay for this place.”

In the effort to reiterate the message written on the now torn-down posters, the woman called out, “Black Lives Matter!”

That’s when the man revealed his true colors. “Not to me, they don’t,” he called back, before unleashing an expletive-filled remark.

Since this was all caught on camera and shared with the public, it didn’t take long for the man to be identified — and of all things, as a local supervisor in the family court system!

He has since been terminated from his job, which he held since 1992.

Video credit: Newsflare

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