Mom And Grandmother Adopt 9 Siblings Together So Their Family Doesn’t Have To Be Torn Apart

by Emerald Pellot
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A Tampa Bay, Florida, family has adopted nine siblings from foster care. Peggy Smith and her husband didn’t have any kids before adopting the four youngest siblings. Peggy’s mother-in-law, Loryn Smith, adopted the remaining five children.

“We thought it was crazy, but we thought: ‘Why not? Why not this family?'” Peggy told ABC Action News.

Loryn and her husband hadn’t been parents in a while, but they had raised 15 adopted children and five biological children of their own. They may be seasoned parents, but that can’t diminish the magnitude of their gesture.

The nine siblings now only live five minutes a part from each other and will get to grow up together.

“Why not us? We’re young. We have a beautiful home. Why not help these kids out and grow our family this way?” Peggy added.

Loryn empathizes with the children’s situation. “They didn’t make the choices that separated them, and they deserve to be together,” said Loryn.

The family discovered the children in need through a simple Facebook post seeking potential adoptive parents.

“It’s a good thing to be able to come home and be with your siblings again,” said Desiree, the eldest of the siblings.

The kids are already with their respective guardians, but the adoption won’t be finalized until April 2018. Please SHARE this incredible family’s story with your family and friends on Facebook!

Footage and photos provided by WFTS Tampa.

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