Baffled Man Films Families ‘Dicing With Death’ To Take Selfies Within Inches Of Cliff Edge

by Amy Paige
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As social distancing rules begin to slowly lift in some parts of the world, people everywhere are anxious to get back to their normal lives.

The South Coast of the UK is home to beautiful chalk cliffs, like the Birling Gap in East Sussex.

Recently, a large number of visitors flocked to the Birling Gap following lockdown — and many insisted on standing dangerously close to the edge just to get the perfect snapshot.

After a young girl was photographed peering over the edge, the local council issued a warning. “Is it really worth risking your life for?” the council asked.

Making the situation even more risky is the fact that these cliffs are constantly eroding, and the coastline is slowly crumbling.

In the video below, a man films along the beach, shocked by the string of people (including families with young children and infants in strollers) who recklessly moved closer and closer to the cliff’s edge.

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