15 Fall-Themed Collars And Leashes For Dogs Who Won’t Tolerate Costumes Or Sweaters

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

Roughly one month after getting married, my husband and I decided to expand our family — we got a dog.

When we met Burly at a shelter in Pennsylvania, it was love at first sight. While I had owned a dog before, it was a first for my husband. But we were both very excited about it.

In our minds, we had great ideas for the future. We’d take Burly to the dog park! We’d run with him every morning and magically become athletic! And, of course, we’d dress him up in fun costumes! After we got him, most of these ideas somewhat fell apart. Turns out, Burly isn’t a big fan of other dogs.

He gets very nervous and doesn’t know how to act. We assumed that back as a young pup, he was never socialized.

But we loved him anyway — and he became a big part of our family. For a few years, he tolerated the Halloween costumes I put him in every year. Usually, he stayed in it for a solid 20 minutes. I usually had one good picture. Then he was done with the idea. As he became more and more comfortable with the family, he became even less tolerant of the costume. It’s like he knew he didn’t have to prove himself after a while — he knew he was in this family for life.

Burly’s last costume was in 2016, when I was pregnant with my first child. From there on out, my daughter took over costume duties and is much more excited about it. However, there are still plenty of ways that Burly — and dogs like Burly — can comfortably celebrate the season. Here are 15 great collars and leashes that scream fall.

Happy Jack Deluxe Dog Collar and Leash Set


Nothing says “Halloween” quite like pumpkins. But there’s a reason we don’t toss out all of our pumpkins and decorative gourds at the very end of Halloween — they’re a good way to help celebrate fall in general. Thus, expect this pumpkin leash and collar to get a lot of use.

Shop Now: Happy Jack Deluxe Dog Collar and Leash Set (Chewy, $24.23)

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Leash


If you’re a fan of this movie, chances are your dog is, too. Watching movies with their humans is a great way for pups to get some extra snuggles and scratches. This leash can actually be used all year long if you want.

Shop Now: The Nightmare Before Christmas Leash (Hot Topic, $10.99)

Candy Corn Dog Leash


Candy corn — you either love it or hate it. But even if you can’t stand the flavor, you have to at least appreciate how colorful it is. This candy corn leash from Etsy user

Shop Now: Candy Corn Leash (Etsy, $23.50+)

Flying Ghosts Polyester Dog Collar


This polyester collar is easy to put on and is also adjustable, meaning that you can still use it as your puppy gets older. This is a collar that’d be perfect to celebrate your dog’s first Halloween.

Shop Now: Frisco Flying Ghosts Collar (Chewy, $9.79)

Stewart Plaid Dog Collar


Let’s step away from Halloween for a second and think about the season as a whole. You, yourself, may be incorporating more reds, browns, and plaids into your wardrobe. Why not do the same for your dog? This collar is highly recommended, with an average score of five stars.

Shop Now: Plaid Dog Collar (The Foggy Dog, $32)

Snoopy Great Pumpkin Fall Dog Collar


For many of us, Peanuts specials help ease us into the season. Why not celebrate Snoopy and the Peanuts gang with this collar? The Etsy shop also has a matching leash available, if you’re interested in purchasing the full set.

Shop Now: Snoopy Great Pumpkin Fall Dog Collar (Etsy, $13.99+)


Orange Gingham Dog Collar


This orange collar is another seasonally appropriate choice for the dog in your life. It’s cute, well-reviewed, and even machine-washable, just in case your dog happens to jump in a pile of leaves outside.

Shop Now: Orange Gingham Dog Collar (If It Barks, $30)

Pumpkin Spice Latte Collar


Fall means the return of the PSL at Starbucks. And if you happen to be a fan, you’ll probably dig this pumpkin spice latte-inspired collar from PawsomePups over on Etsy. It’s too cute to say no to.

Shop Now: Pumpkin Spice Latte Collar (Etsy, $16.50+)

Bond & Co Striped Collar


By now, you probably know that fall is all about the colors. Orange, red, brown, and yellow help make the season such a gorgeous one. This collar from Bond & Co acknowledges that in a simple yet attractive way.

Shop Now: Bond & Co Striped Collar (Petco, $12.49)

Fall Dog Collar


Aside from a PSL, there’s nothing that screams “fall” more than leaves. As the leaves fall from the tree, they make walks around the block a little more colorful. Let your dog show his appreciation with this leaf-inspired collar from Etsy.

Shop Now: Fall Dog Collar (Etsy, $8.95+)

Thanksgiving Dog Collar


Halloween might be a fun holiday, but Thanksgiving is also part of our fall celebration. If you and your dog prefer turkey and mashed potatoes over ghouls and ghosts, this collar may speak to you. It’s also a reminder that Thanksgiving deserves a little more appreciation — it’s not just the holiday before Hanukkah and Christmas.

Shop Now: Thanksgiving Dog Collar (Amazon, $14.95)


Plaid Flower Dog Collar


If you’re looking for a great seasonal collar that you can customize, you might want to check out JujuandNana’s shop on Etsy. The shop even engraves the buckle, if that’s what you’re looking for. This collar, in particular, will make your pup stand out even more than she already does.

Shop Now: Plaid Flower Dog Collar (Etsy, $32)

Happy Ghosts Leash


Because you don’t want sad ghosts — right? If you buy this cute leash from K9 Bytes, you might become a believer and shop the entire seasonal catalog. When it comes to pets and holidays, this brand has you covered. If you like this leash, good news — the company also makes a matching collar.

Shop Now: Happy Ghosts Leash (K9Bytes, $20.97+)

Blueberry Pet Thanksgiving Collar


If you dig pumpkins, this is the collar for you. Perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, this is bound to get a few compliments at the dog park. It’s likely that none of the other dogs there will have anything quite like it.

Shop Now: Blueberry Pet Thanksgiving Collar (Amazon, $14.99)

Vaburs Dog Bow Tie Collar


Ending on a classic, this dapper collar from Amazon comes in an assortment of different colors. While they’re all wonderful in their own way, it’s hard not to gravitate toward orange, the official color of the season.

Shop Now: Vaburs Dog Bow Tie Collar (Amazon, $11.99)

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