Mom Has Bad Feeling When 2 Women Claiming To Be Child Protective Service Workers Visit Her

by Emerald Pellot
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Amanda Walker knew something was off, but she didn’t quite know why. One day she received a phone call from a woman saying she was from Child Protective Services.

The woman said someone claimed that Walker had neglected her children. This was already a point of confusion. The woman on the phone told her she should expect a visit.

A few days later, two well-dressed women came to her door. Then, things got suspicious.

“‘We are here to investigate you and the children and maybe we have to remove the children from the premises,'” Walker said. “I said OK, then I started freaking out. I hadn’t done anything.”

The women didn’t show any ID or have business cards, they merely showed her a piece of a paper they said was a court order to search the house.

The woman began taking photos of her house and her sleeping 1-year-old son. They even began to touch him…

“Lift up his leg. Look at it. Lifted up his arm. Look at it. I said, ‘He’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with him.’ I was really scared when they touched him that they were going to take him,” she said.

The women left and said they would be back. Walker called the police. When the cops contacted CPS, they didn’t have a case for the Walkers.

The same thing happened to another mother, April Faulkner. A woman came, said she was with CPS, and tried to take her baby. Faulkner noticed there were no police officers with her and slammed the door right in the woman’s face, then reported her to the police!

Faulkner and Walker shared their stories to warn other parents: always ask for proper identification and verify these visits by calling CPS yourself.

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