Couple Is Floored When They Receive Fake Checks In The Mail And Trace Them Back To Apparent Scam

by Jess Butler
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If you received a check for $1,860 from a stranger, what would you do about it?

Well, when Chad and Charlene Riley found a check for that amount in the mail, they weren’t too sure about it — but they definitely weren’t mad, either. Chad tried to cash the check, which seemed to be from a scholarship fund, and ultimately ran into some trouble.

In the video below, Chad explains, “Whenever I called [Citibank], they could not verify over the phone that the account was real.”

Then, in an even more bizarre twist, he received a text message from a mysterious woman named Theresa, stating that they needed to “talk.”

Although Chad never answered the message, he received a check from Bank of America for the exact same amount. It was then that he learned he was being sent fake checks from a bogus account — and he wasn’t alone.

Below, Charlene says, “On the ‘Yukon Happenings,’ Chad had seen where another lady had the exact same thing — exact same dollar amount. Two checks, same dollar amount. Seems to be going around.”

Thankfully, Chad and Charlene are exposing the scam they think is geared toward gaining access to victims’ personal information. They hope that nobody else will message back with identifiable information and fall victim to it in the future.

Learn all of the facts regarding this spreading scam in the video below, and please SHARE with your friends and family so they can keep their identities safe!

Footage and photos provided courtesy of KFOR Oklahoma City

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