Thief’s Robbery Attempt Epically Fails In Every Possible Way

by Kim Wong-Shing

It takes a “special” kind of person to rob a store at gunpoint. But being brazen enough to rob a store doesn’t mean you’re smart enough to pull it off, and this store owner has the hilarious security footage to prove it.

The Colorado store owner, Chris Burgess, caught a suspected thief on tape trying to rob his store at gunpoint, but the attempt was far from smooth. The suspect lost both his replica gun and his pants before giving up and running out the door.

“I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of an armed robbery, but the guy really does belong in the ‘world’s dumbest criminals,'” Chris Burgess told the Denver Post.

“He needs to find a new career.”

The man’s likely plan: Go into the store, threaten the cashier with his replica gun, and walk away richer. Because who needs a real gun when you could just use a harmless fake instead?

But things didn’t go according to plan. The video shows that the would-be robber was a little too casual about the fake gun thing. After pulling the replica gun out of his pocket, he fumbles. The gun slips right out of his hands and over the counter.

Watch below to see how things go downhill from there. Hey, nobody said being a thief was easy!

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