Lifetime Is Reuniting ‘The Facts Of Life’ Cast For A Christmas Movie We Didn’t Know We Needed

by Stephanie Kaloi

The holiday season is a time for gathering your loved ones close … and watching so many holiday movies you bust.

Right? Thankfully, this year Lifetime has a present for fans of the beloved ’80s sitcom The Facts of Life: The cast is reuniting for a holiday movie.

Light Up My Christmas will debut on the network on December 1, and it’s sure to be in heavy rotation in the days leading up to Christmas.

While the film is not exactly a Facts of Life movie, it is bringing together members of the cast whom actress Kim Fields calls “my sisters,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

The movie will tell the true story of “Emma (Fields), a woman who helps remind her hometown about the importance of embracing the holiday spirit.”

While costar Charlotte Rae passed away in 2018 and obviously won’t be in the film, Fields also says there is a “special tribute” to her. ” She told People, “I also had the production name the ice-skating rink in the movie after our dear friend. … We truly are a family so it was great to work together on something new!”

The Facts of Life debuted in 1979, as a spin-off of the classic Diff’rent Strokes. The show boosted the careers of several celebrities who would go on to become major household names, including George Clooney, Seth Meyers, Juliette Lewis, Mayim Bialik, and David Spade.

It remains unclear if Facts of Life alum George Clooney will join the cast of the movie, but maybe with enough holiday spirit behind it, the dream will come to life.


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