10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Matthew McConaughey

by Grace Eire
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Matthew McConaughey is a character, to say the least.

You can clearly see that he has a huge heart in just about any interview he gives. He’s so full of genuine things to say about his costars, friends, and family members.

He’s also an incredible actor.

From Dazed And Confused, to How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days, to Mud, Matthew has come quite a long way from his birthplace of Uvalde, Texas. He’ll always feel strongly about his Texas roots, and he’ll always call it home, but he has a lot of thanks to give to Hollywood.

What is your favorite thing about Matthew? Maybe you’ll find out right now from one the 10 facts below!

Not all stars can stay as real and down-to-earth as Matthew has, but clearly it’s not impossible!

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1. He Was Voted "Most Handsome Student" In High School


Along with being a golf and tennis player at Longview High School, Matthew was dubbed the most handsome student as a superlative, according to It’s easy to see why!

2. Sam Shepard's Passing Was Revealed To Him On Camera


In late July 2017, playwright and actor Sam Shepard passed due to complications from Lou Gehrig’s disease. While on the red carpet doing interviews for the release of his film The Dark Tower, a reporter broke the news to Matthew by asking him what he remembered most about the great talent.

Matthew’s reaction was so genuinely distraught and in-the-moment, he let out a slow, “gosh damn it.” He then reminisced about what a great performer and person Sam was.

3. He Is Still Friends With One Of His Exes

3. He Is Still Friends With One Of His Exes

Matthew dated Sandra Bullock after the two met on the set of A Time To Kill in 1996. The two always had great chemistry, and even now that he is happily married to Camila Alves, they are still very good friends.

You can see Camila and Sandra being buddy-buddy with each other as Matthew honors her onstage at the 2014 Guy’s Choice Awards — even as he talks about all the times they kissed.

4. He Was Going To Be An Attorney

suited up

Matthew had big plans to become a lawyer, but instead he’s ended up playing a couple of lawyers in films like A Time To Kill. He told Access Hollywood that he just woke up one day when he was 21 years old and decided that he didn’t want to spend all of his twenties going to school and learning about how he could make an impact.

Instead, he wanted to spend those precious years actually making an impact. That’s when he switched to film production, and the rest is history.

5. Fatherhood Has Taught Him A Lot About Himself

5. Fatherhood Has Taught Him A Lot About Himself

As a father of three, Matthew has learned a lot about himself and what it means to be a father to mini McConaugheys. In the same Access Hollywood interview mentioned above, he told reporters that taking care of his kids is like looking into a mirror, in that he sees a lot of his own tricks and antics in his own children.

6. He's Been A NASCAR Grand Marshal


For the 2005 NASCAR Daytona 500, Matthew was the one to say, “Drivers, start your engines,” as that year’s Grand Marshal. He says that there’s just about nothing more American than NASCAR, and that it was a great honor.

7. His Mom Proposed To His Dad


In an interview with Garden & GunMatthew tells the story of how his parents got engaged. One summer, before his father went back to school, he returned home to Morgan City, Louisiana, only to find his then-girlfriend at the door.

This was a surprise. They’d met in school, but she was from New Jersey. She handed him an invitation to their own wedding and told him he had 24 hours to give her a “yes” or a “no.”

8. He Swooped In To Save Animals After Hurricane Katrina

8. He Swooped In To Save Animals After Hurricane Katrina

Growing up in the area, Matthew felt an extra strong pull to help with the disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He left his home in Malibu to help out and found a local animal shelter that had been flooded.

An animal doctor working at the shelter refused to leave unless someone would help him take the animals to safety. So, what did Matthew do but bring some boats to take these otherwise doomed animals to dry ground.

9. He Has A Secret Barbecue Rub


When questioned about his barbecue rub, Matthew will give hints that it’s not a paprika base, but that’s just about as far as he’ll go with details. I guess you should consider yourself lucky should you ever get the chance to taste some of this southern boy’s homemade rub.

10. He's Worth $95 Million


According to Celebrity Net Worth, the BBQ-rub-withholding, animal-rescuing, father-of-three stud is worth a cool $95 million.

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