Man Who Left Prison With Tattoo-Covered Face Begs To Get Them Removed So He Can Find Work

by Amy Paige
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For many years, Brian Jones was living a life of drug abuse, pain, and violence. During his time in prison, he looked up to the intimidating inmates whose bodies were covered in tattoos.

He decided he wanted to look just like them.

Brian has been out of prison for about a year now, and he has recently gotten sober. Though he has no home or support system, he’s on a track of sobriety and positive change. And he’s hoping to one day reconnect with his 20-year-old son.

However, Brian’s decision to cover his skin in tattoos is hindering his ability to land a job and find acceptance back into society. He’s longing for any job opportunity and hopes to find one that involves working with his hands.

One of the biggest regrets from his past life is having the words “pain” and “sin” tattooed across his face, along with a devil horn and skull, and the number 816, among other designs and inscriptions. “That’s why I changed my life and turned it over to God because I just want to be regular person,” Brian told WDAF.

Brian has been sleeping at his local church while looking for safe housing options. One day at church, he met a man named Russ Quinn — the owner of Divine Tattoo Parlor in the Northland area of Kansas City, Missouri.

Russ and Brian realized they’ve shared a similar path, and the kindhearted tattoo artist was about to change Brian’s life for the better.

Footage provided by WDAF

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