Man And Woman Stare Into The Camera, But Immediately Lose It When They See Their Faces Swapped

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

By now, many of us have been exposed to the face swap craze, and have used or seen someone use an app that allows you to effectively “switch” faces with someone else. Usually, this has led to some odd and often hilarious results!

I myself once did a face swap with a painting at a museum and spent like a week laughing at it!

But John Woods — of the Woodsie TV YouTube channel — might be the master of the face swap.

And John’s favorite people to swap faces with are his friends and family — especially his kids!

In the video below, John decided to make a video to wish his loved ones a happy birthday, all while face swapping.

And the results are both hilarious and kind of creepy at the same time!

He starts off face swapping with his young daughter, and the minute he starts talking she cracks up.

These apps are so incredible because if you time it perfectly and get the camera in just the right angle, you can actually see what you would look like with a different face!

John then goes on to face swap with his wife and friends, but it’s the moment he swaps with his baby son that things get a little weird.

It’s so creepy, but I can’t look away!

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