15 Fabulous ’50s Skirts To Make You Long For The Days Of Glamorous Vintage Fashion

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

We are lucky to live in a world where pretty much anything goes, fashion-wise. It means that people can express themselves in all kinds of ways through clothing.

But that doesn’t mean that everything is still very popular. One thing that’s fallen out of favor? The full and fantastic skirts of the 1950s. While you still see them occasionally, or at least designs inspired by them, many women today find all that fabric, not to mention the crinoline underneath, to be impractical for everyday wear.

But even if they’re impractical, looking back at photos of them, it’s hard not to find them swoon-worthy.

And while times have certainly changed in the past 60 years — just look at how people used to date compared to how they date now — there’s something timelessly charming about these big, beautiful skirts.

Check out some of our favorite fashions in the vintage photos below, and be transported back in time. Did you have skirts like this? Do you think they’ll make a comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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The 1950s were all about cinched waists and full skirts for a classic, hourglass figure.

You could find this shape on formal as well as everyday dresses, and they were all pretty adorable.

The bell-shaped skirts and dresses are now an iconic symbol of the time, and they came in all kinds of styles, from casual and summery to glamorous and fancy.

And of course, a pair of matching gloves was key!

Skirts for eveyday wear came in solid colors and patterns, and could simply be worn with sweaters, blouses, and bobby socks.

Some also took inspiration from the past. These dresses have a country, frontier-ish style with calico prints and a jumper style.

By night, though, the skirts were made form lots of frothy tulle and satin, and paired with jewelry and longer gloves for an elegant look.

And the boys looked pretty snazzy, too.

They even showed up for ice-skating routines. And were paired with some pretty eye-catching headdresses.

Today, we can see their legacy in a lot of more formal wear, like wedding gowns and prom dresses. This dress looks like it could be a modern wedding or prom dress, especially with its clean, strapless bodice.

We also try not to smoke cigarettes directly above lots of fabric, but that’s another story.

Other dresses played around with patterns and color, like this dress and its bold, graphic pattern in modern grays and blacks.

And of course they came in all kinds of colors. This sea-foam green dress is decorated with tiny white rosettes and paired with cute gold ballet slippers that wouldn’t look out of place today!

And one of the most iconic styles was the appliqué. This was a design or image sewn onto the skirt. Poodles were popular, starting the term “poodle skirt,” but the designs could be anything.

And something about this style is so perfect for summer. It’s something about the breeze billowing through your skirt and the bright, floral patterns.

But of course, the look translated into cold weather, too. Coats were often cut in the same full shape so women could stay warm and look stylish.

And the dresses didn’t have to be elaborate to be quietly elegant. This relatively simple green dress has a nice, classic shape and some small white polka dots, and it looks fabulous.

Of course, they all look great next to a car from the era!

And just because they were long doesn’t mean they weren’t flirty!

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