Scientists Say Your Eye Color Reveals Information About Your Personality. Mine Was SO TRUE!

by Todd Briscoe

Green Eyes

personality tests from eye colour

If you have green eyes, I have to congratulate you. It seems that most people view you as alluring, sexy, and mysterious.

A study released by the Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles studied the appeal of people with various eye colors. The most commonly shared descriptor for people with green eyes  was “sexy.” Most participants who said they wanted to change their eye color specified green as their hue of choice.

Green eyes have a balance of melanin that keeps them agreeable and dominant like those with brown eyes, yet strong and cautious like those with blue eyes.

Ophthalmologist Surgeon Doctor Hamadi Kallel has studied many of the research studies on the topic of eye color and says that people with green eyes “have an air of mystry and a quiet self-sufficiency. [They are] often unpredictable, but slow to anger… They are original, creative and perform well under great pressure.”

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