Scientists Say Your Eye Color Reveals Information About Your Personality. Mine Was SO TRUE!

by Todd Briscoe

If You Have Hazel Eyes:

personality tests from eye colour

Hazel eyes are hard to describe — several people have their own definitions, though the hazel eyes are called so because of their resemblance to a hazelnut color.

The Eye Doctor Guide describes hazel eyes as appearing to change color from green to brown, or as an iris that has two different colors. For example, perhaps the ring near your pupil is green, but it fades to brown closer to the perimeter of the iris.

This shade is uncommon, so people with hazel eyes are told from a young age that they are different and unique. Even the colors of hazel eyes and the specifics surrounding them are unique to each person who has hazel eyes.

As such, those with hazel eyes tend to be independent, confident, and spontaneous. The amount of melanin in the eye varies from person to person, so you can never pin down their personality, though a common theme seems to be a balanced personality that can sometimes be mysterious to read.

Dr. Matthew Leach of the University of South Australia claims that people with hazel eyes might have such mixed colors in their eyes due to materials from the bloodstream that were broken down because of liver imbalance. As such, people with hazel eyes might be more prone to digestive issues.

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Brown Eyes

personality tests from eye colour

As we discussed in the very dark brown/black eyes description, brown eyes are the result of having more melanin in your system than those with lighter eyes. You tend to be agreeable, assertive, and people look to you with confidence.

The Charles University in Prague describes people with brown eyes as being generally very loyal, respectful, and gentle people, though certainly not submissive.

Do you disagree with that? Do you think of yourself as more of a cranky, easily agitated person? You may not be getting enough sleep!

A study in the journal Chronobiology International revealed that people with brown eyes generally sleep two hours less than people with lighter eyes, and their sleep cycles tend to be poorer. People with brown eyes generally have a harder time getting up in the morning.

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