Doctors Say Daughter Has An Eye Infection, But Mom Doesn’t Stop Until She Gets Correct Diagnosis

by Kristin Avery
Kristin shares a Chicago home with a dog, a rabbit, two cats, a husband, and an 11-year-old daughter.

It doesn’t take long for 2-year-old McKinley Norton to make friends in the playroom area of the Jimmy Everest Cancer Center in Oklahoma City. She is full of life – she laughs, runs, and climbs like any other child.

But little McKinley has already overcome more challenges than children three times her age. She doesn’t have any hair and she lost her left eye to cancer.

Her mother, Kourtney Norton, noticed that she was walking sideways and not using her left side. Initially, McKinley’s pediatrician mistook her eye tumor for a simple infection. But Kourtney knew something was wrong and her persistence eventually led to a key referral to an eye doctor.

Little McKinley had a one-centimeter tumor, which extended into her optic nerve and blinded her left eye. She had surgery to remove her eye and is now receiving chemotherapy.

McKinley has quickly adapted to her new life. Watching her play, it is impossible to tell that she only has one working eye. Kourtney says they matched her prosthetic eye perfectly.

The type of cancer that McKinley has is the most common eye cancer, but it’s still rare with only 300 cases diagnosed a year in the United States.

Although McKinley’s future is unknown, she is thriving and her parents and doctors are optimistic about her prognosis. Watch the video and you will see a beautiful, confidant, and exuberant child who clearly has a bright future ahead.

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Footage provided by FKOR (News Channel 4, Oklahoma)

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