Man Proves That Nothing Is Impossible By Losing 330 Pounds The Good Old-Fashioned Way

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Like many, if not most people, I’ve found myself wishing I could lose a couple of pounds. Maybe it was to fit into clothes better, or maybe it was to look good in pictures at an upcoming event.

There are a number of reasons why millions of people want to lose weight, but the first and foremost one should be for better health, of course!

But life for people with a need for extreme weight loss differs from those who want to lose just a couple of vanity pounds. Finding motivation may be hard, and seeing the desired results may take a lot longer than others. It would also take longer to learn new habits in order to become the best possible version of one’s self.

It’s easy to resort to pseudoscientific ways to lose weight and to fad diets that seem to give you immediate results. But one man’s extreme weight loss journey is proving that none of these ways will sustain the weight loss results you crave: only hard work and determination can.

More specifically, “Possible Pat,” as he is nicknamed, shed 330 lbs. the old-fashioned way: by eating right, and by sticking to an exercise regimen. And that’s definitely a fitness path I can get behind!

He stuck to a rigorous workout schedule, and ate clean, whole foods. It’s all about cooking clean and cooking food the healthy way!

Now, he’s on the final step of this journey and will be getting skin-removal surgery to remove all the excess skin after shedding so much weight!

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