Single Mom Wins Dream Home On ‘Extreme Makeover’ Only To Learn Her Family Is Being Evicted

by June Rivers
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It was one of the greatest days of her life. In 2008, Arlene Nickless’ house was completely transformed on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Finally, she and her kids had the dream home they so deserved.

The Nickless’ were chosen for the TV show after Arlene’s husband died suddenly. While she struggled to raise their three children, her story touched the hearts of the ABC producers. Soon, hundreds of neighbors were pitching in to help as the professionals turned her 3,200-square-foot Michigan house into a gorgeous and functional living space.

At first, Arlene was able to afford the mortgage.

But over the years, property taxes tripled. And after a couple emergency expenses, she got behind on the bills.

Arlene tried desperately to work with the mortgage company, but claims her efforts were completely ignored.

Nine years after appearing on reality TV, Arlene and her children were evicted.

In the heartbreaking video below, Inside Edition cameras visit Arlene and document the process as she and her kids scramble to pack up and transfer as many belongings as possible into the moving van.

We hope Arlene’s family is able to pick up the pieces. If you would like to help the Nickless family in any way, please visit their GoFundMe page.

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