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City Employee Uses Extension Cord To Lasso 13-Year-Old Pit Bull Struggling In Frozen River

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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We’re in the throes of winter, which means that most of the country is experiencing the coldest weather of the year.

Lakes are freezing over. Rivers are getting icy. And animals are managing to get themselves into sticky situations.

It seems like every day people are coming across unsuspecting animals who have fallen into frozen water and become stuck. Luckily, there are some incredible people out there who put everything on hold to save the sweet animals.

In Bartlesville, Oklahoma, a blind and deaf 13-year-old pit bull mix was walking along the icy river with a Chihuahua mix when he fell into the water.

The pit bull, Tiger, was struggling to stay afloat when city worker Micah Siemers spotted him.

Micah immediately ran over to Tiger and tried to rescue him with a branch, but it wasn’t working. That’s when he spotted some Christmas lights and realized he could use an extension cord to create a makeshift lasso.

It took him a few tries, but eventually Micah got the extension cord wrapped around Tiger and pulled him to safety.

Now, Tiger is back in the loving arms of his owner, who says Tiger is a survivor. Some people are praising Micah as a hero, but he didn’t even think twice before rushing to the pit bull’s aid.

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Footage and photos provided by KJRH Tulsa

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