Sexy Veterinarian Helps Some Of The Most Exotic Patients In The World

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Vets all over the world do amazing things for pets and wildlife. But some seem to do more than that, and Dr. Evan Antin is one of those multitalented veterinarians.

You might remember when we covered him originally, for his exotic animals, and sexy appearance.

But this video you’re about to see might actually make you a bit sad. Dr. Antin is off the market ladies!

And his fiancé is actually just as attractive. They are going to have some great looking babies, don’t you think? That is if they don’t adopt all of these huge lizards and other crazy looking animals first.

In this video, we’re shown again how amazing looking he is, but also some of the amazing things he does with and for these crazy animals.

But in the end, the news is broken when his fiancé comes on screen. Turns out she’s been the one behind the camera the whole time.

Talk about a power couple! One of them has the job to record the other one doing their job all day long. They spend all that time together, and call it work? Whether you appreciate their beauty or their skills, this video is great for everyone!

I’m definitely going to follow this dynamic duo on social media. Animals, love, and looks all in one!

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