Woman Doesn’t Like Ex’s Long, White Hair, So Stylist Chops It Off To Reveal Hunky Man Underneath

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

As we get older, we start settling into our looks and become very comfortable with our style — though sometimes, a little too comfortable. This may start affecting our relationships with others. Maybe our clothes are too casual, or our hair becomes untamable. Little things like that can often bother the people we love.

In the case of one man, it was his long hair and scraggly beard that was affecting his relationship with his two sons.

So, his ex-wife decided to do something about it. She nominated him to get a total makeover on the Rachael Ray Show, and she was accepted!

Stylists didn’t want to change his style too much, though. They were able to let his personality shine through while still revealing the hunky man underneath all that hair.

His hair was the first order of business, and it was cut so that it still had some length in case he wanted to push it behind his ears. However, the overall look was neat and clean. His beard was trimmed, too!

As for his clothes, the practicality of his style was shown in the choice of hiking boots and jeans, with a slight touch of flair.

When he came out onstage to reveal his new look, his whole family was speechless. His ex-wife said that he looked as though he could be famous!

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