Caring Cop Is Dubbed ‘The Dog Whisperer’ After Locating 2 Lost Dogs In One Day

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

It’s a worrying fact, but the reality is that dogs, with all their curiosity and spirit, will get out and go exploring. It makes dog owners worried, but luckily, there are watchful eyes out there, making sure wayward dogs get returned to their homes.

That’s especially true in Taunton, MA, thanks to a police officer who just might be showing signs of a truly amazing gift.

Officer Evan Lavigne has been given the nickname “The Dog Whisperer” thanks to his ability of finding lost dogs, tracking down their owners, and reuniting families.

No one, not even Lavigne himself, is entirely sure what makes the dogs so immediately trusting of Lavigne, but they are. They’re more than happy to hop in the back of his patrol car and be driven home.

It’s always wonderful to see police officers extending their care and protection to the smaller, sometimes overlooked, members of their communities. Because dogs need help, too, as officers and firefighters found when they rescued a dog stuck in a tree.

The dogs in Taunton, though, seem to have an advocate and a real friend in Lavigne. And Lavigne’s dog-whisperer skills are making him a local hero among the human residents of Taunton, too.

Check out some of Lavigne’s canine pals below and his special talent with these adventurous pooches!

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It all started one Saturday morning when Patrolman Even Lavigne was called in to deal with a lost dog. He responded immediately and managed to coax the confused dog into his cruiser.

“First thing’s first,” the Taunton Police Department joked on Facebook, “a selfie was taken. We think it was the dog’s idea.”

Lavigne notified the local animal control, and the dog was reunited with his owner.

But then, it happened again.

It was a similar case. Someone called in about a lost dog, and Lavigne responded once again.

And once again, he was able to convince the dog into his car with ease. It seems he has a real talent for communicating with dogs!

And the best part of all this? When the owners express their gratitude personally.

The owner of the brown dog came forward on Facebook to thank Lavigne and the Taunton Police Department.

Of course, some other community members also came forward with some theories about how Lavigne is so successful wooing lost dogs.

The Taunton Police department values all dogs, and it also has a K-9 unit where dogs join them in keeping the community safe.

Here, an officer is teaching Taunton children about police dogs, together with canine colleague Blitz, and what they do in the community.

Taunton is pretty lucky to have an officer like Lavigne looking out for their dogs. Of course, the town is just as lucky to have the other officers, too.

We’re not sure how many other dogs Lavigne might be called to ferry home, but it seems like he’s already becoming the go-to officer for a lost, scared, or just puzzled dog who’s wandered away from home.

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