Dog Spends 168 Days On Death Row Til Human Convinces Judge Not To Euthanize Him

by Emerald Pellot
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A Boston dog named Chance is finally back home after 168 days on death row at the pound. Chance had been sentenced to be euthanized following accusations that the boxer was dangerous.

Nevertheless, his owner tells a different story. Brian Ceccarelli rescued Chance. The veteran suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and Chance has become his therapy dog.

Last year, neighbors said Chance attacked and injured their dogs. Moreover, a pizza deliveryman said Chance jumped him. However, Brian and his attorney argued that Chance never actually hurt anyone, even if he spooked them.

“Chance has never attacked a person. He’s never bitten a person,” said attorney Jeremy Cohen of Boston Dog Lawyers. “Now, Chance may behave badly, or he may not, but that’s sort of the case with all of our dogs.”

The judge sided with Brian and Chance. Now, the dog is back home and safe.

“It’s taken a huge burden off my shoulders to know that he’s here,” said Brian. “He’s home. He’s safe.”

Brian spent $10,000 on building a new fence around his home, he even modified the inside of his home to block the entryway so that Chance can’t “greet” anyone who comes to the door.

“He was a rescue dog. I rescued him. Then, he rescued me, and now I rescued him again,” said Brian. “Now he’s back to rescuing me again.”

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