Photographer Creates A Captivating Time-Lapse Video Of Europe With 300,000 Images

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Time-lapse videos are extremely fascinating to watch. In one single time-lapse, you can see moments captured over days, months, and even years.

Some time-lapse videos can pick up the subtlest changes in scenery, while others are so calmingly similar that it’s mesmerizing to watch.

These video styles can be used for just about anything. This couple documented their pregnancy by creating an adorable time-lapse video, while this user created one to capture a thunderstorm in a cloud. While these two are in no way similar, they’re both stunning to watch as a time-lapse.

Photographer Paul Richardson dedicated a great deal of time and patience to make a captivating time-lapse video of Europe.

The film is aptly titled Patience and it showcases many popular landmarks and areas in Europe. How many can you spot within just 10 seconds?

Paul had over 300,000 photos to compile into this time-lapse, which amounted for 1,000 hours of work. Broken down into the 2:20 that this video lasts, Paul figures that is about seven hours of images per second. Patience really is the perfect name here! Could you ever create a time-lapse video?

Watch all of Paul’s incredible imagery come together to make a wonderful video below! It’s made me want to travel to London. Do you have a new desire to travel now?

Image Credit: Paul Richardson

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