Mom Adopts Malnourished Orphan. Two Years Later, He Looks Drastically Different

by Emerald Pellot
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In 2014, reporter Britton Lynn of Fox 6 News shared a story that was near and dear to her heart. A Birmingham, AL, family went through great lengths to adopt a child from an Ethiopian orphanage.

Lynn’s father was abandoned as a child, so she knows how a special family can make all the difference in an orphan’s life. The Kinsley family worked with Lifeline Children’s Services to find their son, Haven, abroad.

The process would not be easy. Liza Kinsley and her husband, Chris, traveled to Ethiopia where they met Haven. He had been abandoned on a roadside, and was extremely malnourished when he was a week old. When Liza held Haven at 2 months old, she knew it was meant to be.

“It was overwhelming. I remember the first time that the nanny at the orphanage placed him in my arms. It was the same feeling you get when they place your baby in your arms that you give birth to,” she told the reporter.

Even after they signed all the paperwork, the couple had to come back to the United States and wait on his immigration status before they could take him home. It was worth the wait.

“When we met, he was very malnourished… Just like any parent, if their child is sick, they just want to be able to take care of them and help him. And we had to leave him, so it wasn’t just waiting,” Chris said.

Now two years later, Haven is a happy, chubby baby. It took a year before he began to call Liza “momma,” but now he can hardly stop repeating it. His siblings adore him and judging by the smile on his face, the feeling is mutual.

“We trust that if nothing else, God was watching out for him to make sure he was located or found and able to be brought to us,” Chris said.

Adoption is never an easy process, but the Kinsley family shows us that compassion and a little persistence can provide a child with the loving home he deserves.

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