Woman Caught Dancing On Escalator By Herself When She Thinks No One Is Watching

by Paul Morris
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They say that you’re always supposed to dance like no one is watching, and this hilarious woman shows just how important it is to take that valuable advice and run with it!

As she was on her way home from the subway, she had no idea she was being recorded dancing to the beat of her own drum. From the very bottom of the escalator all the way to the top she is clearly loving what she’s listening to, and we love that she’s having such a great time dancing in public!

It’s so important to always keep a spring in your step, even if you aren’t the best dancer in the world. There’s just something special about moving your body to the beat of some good music! This woman shows us all how important it is to keep moving and grooving no matter what the music is.

What type of music do you think she’s listening to? Do you think she has any idea that she’s about to go totally viral just because of how much she loves to dance?

We all know at least someone in our lives who loves to give off their happy energy like the woman in the video below, so make sure to share this hilarious little video with anyone you know who loves to move no matter what their age might be!

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