Mom Has Gut Feeling About Ex’s Girlfriend, Then Learns She Abuses Her Son—So She Fights Back

by June Rivers
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Erica Hammel is a single mom from Michigan. After separating from her husband, Erica had been sharing custody with her infant son’s father.

The very first time she met her ex-husband’s new live-in girlfriend, however, Erica’s gut told her something was “off.” At the time, there was no way for her to obtain proof of the fact this girlfriend had two prior child abuse convictions.

In 2013, Erica received a gut-punching phone call in the middle of the night. Her worst suspicion had become a reality; her 1-year-old son Wyatt had been hospitalized.

The ex-husband’s girlfriend had shaken Wyatt to the point he was left with a fractured skull and permanent brain damage. Though he has undergone multiple surgeries, Wyatt remains partially blind and cognitively impaired.

Erica wanted justice and positive change for Wyatt and for abused children everywhere. For four years, she has tirelessly worked to lobby lawmakers in the effort to establish a public child abuse registry in Michigan. Such a registry could prevent this nightmare from happening to other families.

While caring for and using her finances for her son’s needs (therapy, doctor’s appointments, surgeries, etc.) and fighting to change the law, Erica’s home life fell into a state of disrepair.

You see, her ex-husband’s old renovation project on their home was never finished. For the past four years, she and Wyatt have been living with ripped ceilings and inadequate power.

With no time or resources, Erica swallowed her pride and shared her story with FOX 2. Viewers quickly stepped up in the most incredible way.

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To learn more about Erica Hammel’s fight against child abuse, visit the Wyatt’s Law petition.

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