Dad Secretly Films Doctor Treating Son Who Collapsed When She Starts Mocking And Laughing At Him

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. She loves viral videos, her poodle mix Cali, and doing the robot.

A trip to the emergency room turned into a nightmare for a young California man named Samuel Bardwell. This is something that should never happen at a hospital.

After collapsing during basketball practice, Samuel was rushed by ambulance to the El Camino Hospital. He was experiencing a combination of severe numbness and pain. He also suffers from extreme anxiety attacks, and this one was the worst he’s ever had.

His worried father, Donald, raced to the hospital to be by his son’s side. They waited for medical help while the doctor joked and laughed with nurses.

More than three hours later, the doctor showed up at Samuel’s bedside — with a security guard. Confused and concerned, Samuel asked his dad to record what happened next.

Donald captured the doctor’s strange and disturbing behavior. She yanked on him and taunted him alongside the nurses, which you’ll see in the clip below.

Now a spokesperson from the El Camino Hospital has released a statement: “We are saddened and disappointed by the physician’s unprofessional interaction with the patient in the video. The physician is a contracted provider and has been removed from our ER schedule.”

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