Young Elephant’s Trunk Is Broken, Then Wildlife Vets Give Her A Miraculous Transformation

by Jess Butler
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Enkesha was a wild elephant living in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. The young mammal found herself in a life-threatening situation when she got caught in a snare, which is a specific kind of poacher’s knot.

The rope was tied so tightly around her trunk that it left her with an extreme wound.

The poor elephants’s trunk was deeply severed and she was at risk for infection — until her saviors found her.

A team of vets from the Kenya Wildlife Services located Enkesha and realized she needed immediate care. They took her in and wrapped her up, trying to comfort the injured calf.

Next, they cleaned up her wound and began sewing her trunk back together. The vets were able to reconstruct her entire trunk and place sutures to help her heal properly.

In the video below, posted on April 10, 2017, Enkesha wakes up after her surgery with a massive smile on her face. She is able to return outside, play in the mud, hang around with the vets that saved her, and so much more. This little elephant is excited to get back into the world with her newly repaired trunk, as if nothing ever happened.

To see her miraculous recovery, check out the video below.

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Warning: The video below contains graphic content and footage of surgery, please be advised!

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