Man Finds A Woman’s Engagement Ring After It Was Lost In Lake Michigan

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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How many times have you played around with a piece of jewelry, and then looked down to realize it was missing?

I find myself constantly moving my necklace around on its chain. If I take it off, I have to keep it in sight or else I know that I will never see it again!

One Michigan woman was enjoying a day at Lake Michigan when she realized she’d lost her engagement ring! Jamie Kennedy had been fiddling with the ring to clean sand out from underneath it when it slipped into the water.

Not wanting to give up on her ring, as it’s very important to her, Jamie posted on Facebook about what happened in hopes that someone might stumble upon it.

John Dudley, the president of the Medal Detecting Club, offered to help her look for the ring. Just two days after the ring went missing, he was able to find it.

After only 45 minutes of searching in the water, he was able to find the ring even though the waves were big. Jamie was so excited, she ran up to thank him! Thank goodness her ring wasn’t lost forever.

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