Restaurant Owner Makes $3,000 Burger For Valentine’s Day With An Engagement Ring On Top

by Mauricio Castillo
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A restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, is offering up one heck of a burger for Valentine’s Day.

Ordering that burger will set you back $3,000, but it’s not the beef you’re paying for. It’s the ring.

According to CBS Boston, Pauli’s in the North End neighborhood of Boston is doing things their own way for Valentine’s Day.

Now, chances are you’ve probably seen someone be proposed to at a restaurant. They might hide the engagement ring in a dessert or a glass. But at Pauli’s, where they specialize in creative sandwiches, the ring is smack in the middle of their “Big Boy Burger’s” top bun.

“This time we thought we’d go inside the box,” Paul Barker, Pauli’s owner, said to CBS Boston.

“It’s the Big Boy Burger proposal. Nothing says, ‘I love you’ like a ring with barbecue sauce dripping down your arm, right?”

A prospective proposer will need to give the restaurant 48 hours’ notice before their arrival. Then, someone from the restaurant will go to a jewelry store, buy the ring, and plant it on the burger. The ring is a, “7/8 carat princess cut framed by round diamonds and a 14k gold band,” according to CBS Boston.

Hey, if you’re significant other likes burgers, this would make for one unforgettable proposal!

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Photo: CBS Boston

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