Dry Cleaner Is Heartbroken By Racks Of Clothes Left There By Customers Who Are Now Unemployed

by Amy Paige
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Julio Davalos and his family runs Lili’s Cleaners, a dry cleaning business in East Dallas, Texas.

Like so many other business owners around the country, Julio says his shop has seen far better days.

He can’t stress just how much of a nosedive his business has taken in the wake of the pandemic.

“It’s been really, really, really, really, really slow.”

Many days have been spent at the shop without seeing a single patron.

So many of Julio’s customers have lost their jobs since dropping off their clothes, and now the racks are full of clean, laundered clothes — but no one to pick them up.

Customers who dropped clothes off months ago aren’t able to pay for them.

In the video below, Julio stands in his empty store, scanning through the racks of laundered clothes, calling out the professions of their owners.

One outfit belonged to a travel agent. Another, an insurance salesman.

The abandoned clothes make a heartbreaking image.

Needless to say, Julio is worried for his own livelihood, too. “I need to go to work.” he said. “I need more business coming in.”

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