Neighbors Complain Man’s ‘Emotional Support’ Squirrel Is Dangerous And Try To Evict Both Of Them

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Apartments can have some pretty strict rules about pets. While some allow you to have any kind of pet you want, others won’t even let a cat call the building home.

One man in Florida is fighting his place of residence for not allowing him to keep his pet — a squirrel — in his condominium.

You see, Ryan Boylan has a pet squirrel whom he rescued a little more than a year ago. He says the female squirrel was stuck underneath someone’s car after Hurricane Matthew battered Florida.

Ryan then took the squirrel home and nursed her back to health. Now, she’s named Brutis, and Ryan says she’s “just like an indoor cat.”

But last month, other people in Ryan’s building found out about Brutis — and they weren’t too happy with the idea of a squirrel living in their building.

Now, management and the condominium association are telling Ryan that he has to get rid of Brutis, or they could both be evicted. They say that having a “rodent” in the complex is dangerous for Ryan’s neighbors.

Ryan doesn’t think that’s very fair, because Brutis is less than two pounds, and he doesn’t think she bothers anyone at all.

Ryan also says that Brutis is his emotional support animal. Two years ago, he was in a car accident that’s since left him plagued with anxiety. He says he even has a doctor’s note to prove that Brutis helps him deal with that anxiety.

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Footage provided by WFTS Tampa

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