Emotional Groom Can’t Look At His New Wife On Their Wedding Day Without Breaking Down

by Melissa Castellanos
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Before some men get married, they may have cold feet, anxiety, or fear of commitment, but for one groom, that was anything but the case.

Instead he did something so perfect, the video of his face is going viral!

Gabriel Deku, a 25-year-old groom from London, was over-the-moon overwhelmed when he laid eyes on his bride, Annabella, 24. Seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time made him feel so emotional, he couldn’t stop crying.

“Leading up to the wedding, I was the complete opposite — I actually had a bet with my mum that I wouldn’t cry,” Deku told Mail Online. “Seeing her there, I suddenly felt a big appreciation of what I actually have.

Knowing that I’m in a relationship like that made me really over joyful; where someone loves me unconditionally.”

The lavish wedding took place in a stunning church, and Annabelle was truly a magical vision in white. And we’ve seen weddings truly tug at our heartstrings, like when an entire family surprised their mom with a sunset wedding and fireworks, and a dad with heart failure who surprised his daughter on her wedding day, but nothing like this!

“She looked so beautiful,” Deku added. “We have different characters; she is actually the more emotional one in the relationship, while I was trying to be the hard man. I kept saying, ‘I’m not going to cry.’”

The congregation was also overjoyed to see his reaction. They cheered him on while his best man, Tolu Ige, encouraged him to hold it together. Ige, a loyal friend, is also a “matchmaker,” as he first introduced the couple four years ago.

Ige urged Deku and said, “Come on, stand up, stand up. This is your moment, man…”

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