Woman Paints Colorful Emojis On Her Home, But Outraged Neighbors Say She Did It For Revenge

by Angela Andaloro

Neighbors in the Manhattan Beach area of California are furious with one woman’s home design choices.

Kathryn Kidd’s street is lined with homes painted in subtle earth tones. Her decision to paint her home bright pink with emojis painted onto it has caused quite the stir.

The home features two emojis. In one, the yellow face has its tongue sticking out. In the other, it has its mouth zipped closed. Kathryn says she did it to brighten up the neighborhood a bit. “The emoji house is positive, it is happy, and I think it is great,” she explained.

Neighbors tell a different story.

One woman claims that Kathryn was angry because she was “caught cheating.” Kathryn was exposed for renting her house out on Airbnb, which is against the law in Manhattan Beach. It’s unclear who or how many neighbors reported her, but afterward, Kathryn was hit with a $4,000 fine. It wasn’t long after that the emojis appeared on the home, which neighbors think was a ploy for revenge.

One of Kathryn’s neighbors, who lives across the street, believes the emojis were made as a mockery of her because they have long eyelashes and so does she. Kathryn maintains that the decision had nothing to do with her neighbors. That isn’t stopping them from taking action. A number of neighbors went to the city council to try and make her paint over the emojis, but the paint job is perfectly legal. Their next step is to appeal to the city planning board. If that doesn’t work, they plan to sue.

Kathryn is unbothered by her neighbors’ actions. Her suggestion to them? “Get over it.”

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