World’s Oldest Living Person Attributes Her Age To Two Simple Secrets

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

I’ve always hoped that I’ll live to a ripe old age, and get to see kid, grandkids, and even great-grandkids in my time.

Of course, everyone has different definitions of what a “ripe old age” means. For some people, it might mean spending your golden years celebrating your inner daredevil, like this centenarian who celebrated triple digits by skydiving.

For others, it’s all about the habits and lifestyle practices that help you stay strong and healthy well into the heights of human longevity.

No one knows more about the topic than Emma Morano, who was recently named the oldest living person, at the age of 116 years and 169 days.

Born in 1899, she is the last surviving person to be born in the 19th century.

Today, she lives independently in the small city of Verbania, in the Piedmont region of Italy, where she continues to thrive in good health, despite having attained old age so far outside of the norm that scientists refer to her as a “supercentenarian.”

But the only thing more shocking than her longevity is her explanation for it! She has two key pieces of advice for anyone looking to live a very long time.

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Emma Morano was born in Piedmont in 1899.

Her birth coincided with events like the Spanish-American War, and the presidency of William McKinley, events that have all but passed out of living memory.

Still living in Piedmont 116 years later, she lives alone, and receives a visit from her doctor of more than 20 years, Dr. Carlo Bava, every Friday.

While her doctor does make sure to stop in and check on his most venerable patient weekly, he says that she is in excellent health for a woman of her age, with no chronic health conditions.

Dr. Bava believes that she is genetically blessed, noting that she had two sisters who were 100 and nearly 100, respectively, when they passed away.

Morano, however, is still an inexplicable outlier, who doesn’t focus on a rigid or ascetic lifestyle, and who has lived a remarkably challenging life.

Not only has she lived through great upheaval in her native country, she worked well into her 70s to support herself, and, far from a vigorously healthy diet, she is known for her sweet tooth, and particular love of panettone, the Italian Christmas cake.

So what’s the explanation for her incredible good health?

Her doctor insists that it must be genetics, noting that Italy produces some of the most long-lived people in the world.

Many supercentenarians in Italy and in Japan, including Morano, have been closely studied by scientists to see if they have a genetic predisposition toward living a long time.

Morano, for her part, has a couple of different ideas about where her good health comes from.

In fact, she told The Telegraph that one of her secrets is dietary: she eats two to three raw eggs every day, a practice she has followed since she was diagnosed with anemia decades ago.

The other secret is just the tiniest bit unconventional.

She told the The New York Times that one of her secrets to a long, healthy life is staying single!

She was married once to an abusive man, and left him in 1938.

She’s been single and fancy-free ever since, and thinks it probably helps explain her lifespan.

Of course, no matter what the real reason for her incredible lifespan is, the most important thing is that she’s always looking forward to the future and approaching life with a big smile on her face!

As Dr. Bava told NBC, “The beauty of Emma is that it is normal that she smiles, but also in difficulties, she is very decisive. But perhaps this tranquility comes with age, which becomes wisdom.”

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