Bride-To-Be Wakes From Coma Thinking She’s Only 8 Years Old After Car Crash Nearly Kills Her

by Kat Manos
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Emily Falcioni, 27, had everything going for her before her car accident. She was engaged to be married and only months away from graduating with a degree in nursing from a good school. She had big dreams.

But so much of her life changed after she was involved in a horrific car accident that miraculously managed to not kill her or her fiancé, Justin, who was also in the vehicle at the time.

The couple had spent the weekend at the beach when their car was unexpectedly T-boned by another driver.

A nurse explained to Emily’s mother, Kim, that her daughter’s prognosis did not look good. She was out into a medically induced coma, and doctors said she had a traumatic brain injury.

“[The nurse] said, ‘When I examined her, I do not see much. I see a person that maybe in a year with a lot of therapy and rehab will be able to dress herself, be continent of her bowel and bladder, possibly; to probably never be able to live on her own.’ I literally stopped breathing,” Kim told WMYD Detroit.

Justin was down the hall from Emily, conscious but on life support.

Emily eventually woke from her coma, but things weren’t entirely right with her.

“She actually thought when I asked her her age, she was 8 years old,” Kim said.

Dr. Peter Gumma at DMC’s Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan says he was given a poor prognosis from Emily’s previous doctor, but after examining her, he felt differently.

“I remember that day after I examined Emily for the first time,” Dr. Gumma told WMYD Detroit. “I turned and looked at her mother and told her she’ll finish nursing school and she’ll walk on her wedding day.”

Somehow, Emily had made an incredible recovery.

In less than six months, Emily went back to school and will be completing her degree by the end of February. She’s now walking and talking on her own.

“They helped me reclaim the life that I did have,” Emily told WMYD Detroit. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the medical team and all the people that are here at the rehabilitation institute.”

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