Couple Has Hysterical Photo Shoot With Box Of Embryos Before Wife Gets Pregnant With Triplets

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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If you saw a couple laughing and taking pictures with a box at a playground, you might think they were crazy.

Well, that’s exactly what Samantha and Mickey Clark did — and once you hear the sweet story, you won’t think it’s insane at all.

Samantha and Mickey underwent IVF treatment to get pregnant. When they switched clinics during the process, they brought their embryos with them.

Instead of mailing the precious cargo, they transported their cryopreserved embryos in a metal tank inside a big cardboard box.

The couple jokingly talked about taking pictures with their future children, and they decided it was a great idea. So they got the box and headed outside for the photo shoot.

When the embryos were implanted, Samantha got pregnant… with triplets!

Take a look at the hysterical photos below, and read more about Samantha and Mickey’s sweet journey to parenthood.

Photos: Facebook 1, 2 / Mickey D Clark

samantha mickey

Samantha and Mickey Clark knew they would have problems getting pregnant before they even got married.

Samantha was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, in addition to a few other health problems.

embryo box

Instead of having a huge, expensive wedding, the couple saved their money to start pursuing their dreams of having a family.

They looked into foster care, adoption, and infertility treatments.

mickey box

They made the decision to go with IVF treatment, and they got some embryos cryopreserved at a clinic.

When they moved, they took the metal tank of embryos with them — inside a big cardboard box.

samantha slide

Samantha explained to ScaryMommy how they got their idea for the photo shoot:

We were driving to pick them up, and we started talking about how we should take photos with the embryos.

We were laughing so hard, we were crying. So when we picked them up, we just said, ‘OK let’s do it!’

mickey swing

It’s just one of those things where you think… ‘We may never get a chance to do this again.’

These embryos really were and are our kids. They were just as alive to us as if they’d already been born.

stroller embryos

They went to a playground, picked out a puppy, taught the embryos to play baseball, and did a number of other activities.

And don’t worry — they asked their embryologist about doing the photo shoot before going through with it!

ultrasound triplets

The embryos were not only safe, but perfectly healthy — and when they were implanted, Samantha got pregnant with triplets!

In August 2017, Shepherd Thomas, Eleni Lynn, and Ayla Sue were born.

triplet babies

The triplets are 6 months old now, and they’re absolutely adorable.

Samantha and Mickey keep followers updated on the triplets’ lives on their Facebook page, A Walk in the Clark.

samantha triplets

Shepherd, Eleni, and Ayla are too young to understand the silly photo shoot they did when they were just embryos, but it will be a cool story for their parents to tell them when they get older.

cute triplets

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