2 Guys Discover Embryo Sac Filled With Baby Snakes That Start Looking Back At Them

by Amy Paige
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In August 2017, two men made a rattling discovery in Wilton, California.

Michael’s friend had hunted a rattlesnake in their neighborhood, intending to skin it and then eat all the meat.

But while skinning and gutting the snake, they found eight embryo sacs with baby rattlesnakes alive inside.

The visual is absolutely remarkable. In the clip below, you can hear the two men (and one of their wives) pointing at the baby snakes, moving around inside the translucent sacs.

The babies, tightly curled up inside the membranes, appear to look right back at them. At one point you can even see the snakes glancing up at the bright sun!

“It was very creepy looking at these small snakes and knowing that just one bite from one of these could kill any one of us,” Michael said.

The meat was not eaten; Michael’s friend warned them not to consume the meat of a pregnant female rattlesnake, because the baby’s poison could cross over into the mother.

See the incredible moment for yourself. It’s the perfect mix of creepy and fascinating, don’t you think?

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