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Man Sees ‘Something Running’ On Desert Road And Ends Up Rescuing A Dog In Horrible Shape

by Mauricio Castillo
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Matt Bentley of Sandy, Utah, made a startling find and a subsequent rescue while off-roading in the desert on a Sunday evening.

It all started when Matt drove out to the Salt Flats in Utah’s West Desert with his dog, Bella. “Just going four-wheeling,” he said to KSTU. “It’s actually my dog’s birthday, so I wanted to take her to a new spot.”

Matt was shocked when he saw something running in the distance. He jumped out of his Jeep and quickly realized it was a dog. Matt called to her and the dog came and let him put her in his Jeep. That’s when Matt noticed the terrible condition she was in.

Matt didn’t hesitate; he quickly drove back to town to a vet.

From there, he reached out to the Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC), where he gave the dog to Lila Oulson, the shelter manager. “I have never seen a dog in that bad of a shape,” Lila said.

Suffering from a severe case of mange and malnourishment, the dog had probably been out in the desert wandering alone for at least three months, Lila guessed.

Matt had rescued her just in time. Lila named the dog Kelly, which meant “warrior.” Lila expected Kelly to make a full recovery, but if you’d like to donate to that effort you can here.

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Footage and photos provided by KSTU Salt Lake City; Matt Bentley; Flickr / See1,Do1,Teach1

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