Man Transforms Tree Stump Into Elvis Presley’s Face On 40th Anniversary Of Icon’s Death

by Morgan Greenwald
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Millions of people were devastated by the death of Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977 — and though it’s been over four decades since his death, he is still remembered by fans to this day.

On the 40th anniversary of his death this year, one Elvis superfan, artist Christopher LaMontagne, decided to pay tribute to the rock-and-roll icon by carving his face into an old tree stump.

“I have always been a fan of Elvis, and I thought this project…would be a great tribute to him on the 40th anniversary of his death,” Christopher said.

After sketching a drawing of Elvis from a Life cover, the artist went to work carving into the tree stump with a chain saw. Slowly but surely, the tree stump started to look more and more like Elvis, with his iconic styled hair and piercing eyes.

Though Christopher is a big Elvis fan himself, he plans to sell the woodwork to a fellow Elvis fanatic.

“I did not make [the carving] specifically for anyone, but it will sell,” Christopher said.

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