Mom Panics When Her Baby’s Face Swells Up, Then Doctors Tell Her Viagra Can Help

by Jess Butler
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Annie and her husband brought home their precious infant after a difficult pregnancy. Baby Elodie seemed to have a clean bill of health, but that was only momentary.

Soon after she was brought home, something went wrong.

“She started throwing up all the time, she started having diarrhea, and she wasn’t growing properly,” Elodie’s mother explains in the video below, posted on December 13, 2016.

Her face and eyes would swell up, making the intolerable pain she was dealing with very visible to her parents.

Little Elodie was then diagnosed with intestinal lymphangiectasia.

“Her lymphatics all throughout her intestines were basically leaking and she was becoming malnourished,” Annie says, describing her daughter’s rare disease.

Elodie’s disease began to progress and she was in need of a heavy treatment to tackle her symptoms and keep herself alive.

Sildenafil, also known as “the little blue pill” or Viagra, was suggested by her doctor. The drug is known for helping with erectile dysfunction, but it has also been proven to improve conditions involving the lymphatic and vascular systems.

Unfortunately, when the drug was proposed, Elodie’s insurance refused to pay for it. The insurance company had already denied coverage for her formula and special monthly injection, then dropped the bombshell that they wouldn’t cover the medicine either, even though it is so commonly used in non-life-threatening situations.

All Annie wanted for her daughter was the ability to obtain insured sildenafil for off-label use. Her daughter’s life and everyday wellbeing depended on it.

Although Elodie’s circumstances looked bleak, the hosts of The Doctors gave her a few surprises to try to make life just a bit easier for the toddler. See what they gave her in the video below!

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