Ellen Rewards A Kindhearted Waitress And Single Mother For Her Good Deed

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

When someone does a good deed from the core of their heart without expecting anything back… they better hope that Ellen doesn’t catch wind of it!

Most of us don’t do nice things for others expecting something in return. The point of doing something nice for another person is to brighten that person’s day. It can be as little as picking up someone’s pen if they drop it on the street, or as grand a gesture as donating thousands of dollars to a charity. These kind gestures make you feel good inside not because you know that you’re stacking up good karma points, but because you know that there are one or more people walking around with a sunnier outlook.

When this 22-year-old single mother, Sarah Hoidahl, went into her waitressing job at Ruby Tuesday one afternoon, she hadn’t planned on checking off any sort of Good Deed of the Day box on her to-do list. But, when two military servicewomen walked into her restaurant, she got to talking to them a bit. That’s how she found out that they were upon some rough times. As a single mother, Sarah understood what it means to struggle.

Sarah didn’t intend for anyone to find out what she did next, but once Ellen got her hands on her act of kindness, there was no escaping Ellen’s endless generosity.

Sarah Hoidahl is the proud mother to Ashton. He’s the light of her life, and he’s the one whom she works so hard for.

When Ellen found out about her good deed, she knew that she had to have her on her show.

This is the note that Sarah left with the two servicewomen in the place of their check. While that left her with not even enough money to cover the cost of gas that day, this single mother knew that this was the right thing to do.

Sarah didn’t intend for her small act of kindness to get so much media attention…

But it’s only brought good things to her family, and it’s shown the world that even the smallest gesture can mean so, so much.

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