Ellen And Steve Harvey Ask Little Kids What They Think ‘Beauty’ Means

by Jess Catcher
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As the host of NBC’s Little Big Shots, Steve Harvey has definitely seen his share of uniquely talented kiddos.

I still can’t get over Jiaying Han’s, um, unusual skill for calming a variety of animals down through hypnosis. Of course, as always, Harvey’s face really says it all!

This time, he’s teaming up with Ellen Degeneres while visiting her talk show to ask a group of youngsters what they think the word “beauty” really means. Obviously, the seasoned comedians know exactly how to get the best answers out of the children, starting things off by having them guess the age of each host.

Oddly enough, Harvey fares surprisingly better than Degeneres with that one! And again when she asks them to quickly name the most beautiful person they know, the young man in the front row immediately says Harvey’s name.

In fact, throughout the series of questions, it becomes more and more clear why Degeneres wasn’t asked to host the tyke talent show herself. While addressing the particularly confident young girl sitting in the back, Ani, she informs the little girl she will be in for a “rude awakening” down the line. Harvey can’t help but crack up and flat-out tell his sidekick, “You can’t host Little Big Shots!” Degeneres claims she would actually be great at it and offers to co-host one night with him.

Watch to the end to see what Degeneres pulls out to help the kids look their very best.

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