Airman Thinks He Skyped Ellen To Greet Pregnant Wife And Instead They’re Showered With Gifts

by Barbara Diamond
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Ellen has always had a soft spot for brave military heroes and their families. In May 2013, she invited a military wife to the show after hearing she was such a huge fan. At the time, Vania Ferreira’s husband, Rob, was deployed as a first lieutenant in the Air Force.

Vania would play Ellen’s videos featuring heartwarming military reunions for her kids to show them that their dad would be coming home soon.

A pregnant Vania and her two kids (plus one more on the way) sat down with Ellen, though she was disappointed that Rob couldn’t be there with her. So, Ellen managed to do the next best thing. Rob uses Skype to video chat with his kids every night, so this time, it was Ellen who called Rob right there during the show’s taping.

Vania was stunned to turn and see Rob’s smiling face on the giant screen behind her!

But moments later, Ellen revealed another surprise — and this time it was Rob who was completely stunned by what was happening on the other side of the camera.

When Vania and Rob broke down simultaneously, I nearly did too. If there’s any family who deserves this, it’s the Ferreiras.

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CORRECTION: February 9, 2018

An earlier version of this story’s headline called Rob a soldier. He is an airman with the US Air Force. 

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